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Electric Laser Hair Growth

Electric Laser Hair Growth

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Photorejuvenation: red: 625ᄆ3nm; blue: 465ᄆ3nm; radio frequency 100K
Function: RF therapy can lose weight and tighten skin;
EMS: Microelectronic muscle stimulation stimulates muscle activation and promotes blood circulation;
Red light (625ᄆ3nm): brightening, bright spot.
Blue light (465ᄆ3nm): oil control, anti-acne/inflammation.
Probe material: metal, stainless steel
Applicable area: face, neck, hands
Probe size: 50 mm
Size: 18 * 5 * 5 cm
Net weight: 150 grams
Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Output: DC5V, 1A
Power: Max 5W

1 gift box, 1 main device, 1 manual; 1x USB charging cable

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