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Glow In the Dark Rocks

Glow In the Dark Rocks

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We may all be the same during the day, go to work and study
But Ye is unique to you
Be relevant and let others discover yourself. Be fun and let the body
Immerse yourself in sweat, come to a fluorescent night run
Free yourself


Item No.: No.1 luminous stone
Compressive strength: 2 (MPa)
Bending strength: 1 (MPa)
Material: Resin
Gloss: 90%
Wet water: 1&

Scope of application: fish tank Blue green white  Package Included:

100 × Pebbles stone(Blue)
100 × Pebbles stone(Green)
20 × Pebbles stone(White )

Package Content:

1*Luminous stone

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