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Neck Shoulder Stretcher

Neck Shoulder Stretcher

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After being pressed down, the neck pillow deforms and stretches, reducing compression
In two-way pillow design, both positive and negative use, the stretching and traction effects are very different

1. Weak positive traction
Suitable for initial maintenance
2. Reverse traction enhancement
Suitable for those who have adapted

Product Information:
Product name: neck massage pillow
Product material: thermoplastic elastomer
Product color: blue, pink, green
Product specifications: 24*15*12cm/9.4*5.9*4.7 inches
Product weight: 600g

Black: 21*21.5*13.5CM
Light blue: 22x12x17CM
Light green: 21*21.5*13.5CM
Pink 2: 21*21.5*13.5CM

Packing List:
Rubber pillow x1

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