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Nano Mist Facial Sprayer

Nano Mist Facial Sprayer

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S ize:  4 * 4 * 14.5 cm

Material: PP resin plastic

Weight:  70g

Color: Black White Pink

Package Content

Packing quantity:  200 PCS/carton

Carton Size :42*30.5*42.5CM

Gross Weight :13.5KG


This nano water sprayer with large water reservoir can penetrate deep into the skin and vitalize the skin.
Atomized particles are more delicate and easily absorbed by the buttocks.
It can moisturize without staining makeup.
Please use natural mineral water and do not add pure water, distilled water, etc. If the water quality density is too high or too low, the sprayer will be clumped or clogged.


O ther such as the essence, toner and other water with high concentration is easy to block the spray mouth, do not directly use must be diluted with water.Mind carefully!!


Spray distance: the mist is exquisite and affordable. The skin without makeup is about 5CM away from the skin. The makeup skin should be about 12-15cm away from the skin.

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